The Underground Railroad and the Susquehanna – Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation

May 6, 2024 | News & Media

Bryan Wade, a veteran, historian, and most of all, an educator, sat down with us at the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation to share his insights on the intertwined histories of the abolitionist movement and the Susquehanna River. Having obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Education from York College of Pennsylvania, Wade has been involved in various projects relating to the experience of African Americans throughout U.S. history, most of all, founding Keystones Oral Histories. Additionally, he has toured across the country to various universities to share his understanding of how racial constructs shaped and continue to shape American history. My interview with him shed light on seldom talked-about stories of freedom seekers and those who helped them across the mighty Susquehanna…

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Bridge Crossing

Image Credit: Lancaster History and Columbia Historic Preservation Society via Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation