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Bryan K. Wade

Founder & CEO

Bryan Wade is a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a former York educator, government official, and television talk show host with 20 years of radio, television, and documentary production experience. Bryan has a unique perspective on the remarkable stories and accomplishments of the African American Experience in America.

Bryan’s motivation for creating the Keystones Oral History Series was due to the lack of regional documentary and curricular materials within public education throughout the United States.

Additionally, Mr. Wade aspires to educate and inform emerging and future generations. Minister, award-winning television producer on race and racism, radio broadcaster, K-8 educator, two-branch military veteran, and award-winning documentary producer, Bryan Wade has had an eclectic and expansive professional career.


In November of 2017, Mr. Wade created and was executive producer of his first oral history documentary entitled Keystones: The African American Veterans’ Experience. The first documentary in the Keystones series chronicled the lives of African American servicemen and women who served in the military from World War II to Vietnam. Additionally, Bryan created school curriculum in conjunction with this documentary, which he believes is the first of its kind in the country to teach African American oral history within US school systems.

Wade’s media background includes the television series Worlds Apart, for which he served as the Executive Producer and Host from 1997-2008. The purpose of Worlds Apart was to explore the legacy of racial social constructs that have exacerbated ethnic discord in and continues to fuel America. He conducted nationwide college tours to many colleges and universities across the United States including Stanford University, Drexel University, and the Morehouse College School of Medicine.

Bryan served four years in the United States Navy and two years in the Army National Guard. He is a trained educator and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from York College of Pennsylvania. Wade is the father of three and the grandfather of 8.

Bryan Wade tells his oral history during the York Storytellers Project at the Appell Center March 16, 2022.

Paul Kuehnel, York Daily Record

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