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Keystones Oral Histories

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Introduction & Overview

Bryan K. Wade created Keystones Oral Histories (KOH) in 2017. KOH responds to the lack of historic information pertaining to various ethnic minority communities within United States history. Keystones creates documentaries with companion K-12 curriculum. This dual approach enhances the potential for awareness of the contributions of various ethnic groups within America.


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Explore the Keystones Oral Histories team and mission.


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Keystones Oral Histories is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to continue our mission

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Collaborating With Musician Joel A. Martin

Joel A. Martin is a pioneering pianist, composer, and arranger based in Norwalk, CT, renowned for his groundbreaking fusion of classical composition and jazz innovation. With collaborations ranging from Grammy® Award-winners like Alan Menken to classical luminaries...